Under the 2010 call by the financial instrument for the environment LIFE+, the Granada Provincial Council presented the EUTROMED project (“Demonstrative technique for the prevention of eutrophication caused by agricultural nitrogen in surface waters in the Mediterranean climate zone”), the co-funding of which has been approved by the European Commission.

This project is led by the aforementioned provincial institution, but also includes the participation of the University of Granada and the Granada-based companies Bonterra Ibérica SL and Paisajes del Sur SL, as associated beneficiaries. The Regional Government of Andalusia Department of the Environment contributes as co-funder.

The project will be carried out between 1st September 2011 and 1st October 2014. Its ultimate objective is to keep the environment pollutant-free, preventing waters from carrying fertilisers into our rivers and lakes, causing their eutrophication.

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